As much as it may be beneficial to use supplements wisely, it is necessary to ensure that you purchase these supplements from reliable supplement stores. The reason for this is that most stores are not approved and, as such, maybe selling fake or expired supplements. Hence, there is a need to know more about supplement retailers. You can achieve this task by reading reviews about supplement retailers. The following are things to look out for or at while trying to find a reliable store to buy quality supplements from: –

Know What You Want

The first step is deciding what supplement you wish to purchase. You also need to know if the supplement is safe for you. For instance, some supplements may not be safe for pregnant or lactating mothers.

Engage in Selective Shopping

Selective shopping is very advantageous. You need to know when and where to buy individual supplements. If you do not selectively choose where to shop, you may end up buying anything from anywhere and, as such, ultimately buy fake or expired supplements.

USP Verified Mark

Another important thing you need to check is the USP verified mark on the label of the product. Doing this will help you ascertain that the US Pharmacopeia tested the ingredients used as shown on the label to be accurate and in the right quantity. Hence, the verification mark shows that the supplement is safe as long as you do not have an underlying illness.

Reviews about the Store

It is also essential that you read reviews about these stores to know how reliable the products and services they render are. You can get to see this information by reading the complaints and general reviews written by former customers of the store.

Stay Clear of Risky Ingredients

Staying clear of hazardous ingredients that may lead to serious side effects is very crucial. Some of these ingredients are Kava, Contaminated L-tryptophan, Chromium, Bitter Orange, amongst others. The reason for this is that their intake may lead to stroke, anemia, or kidney damage even in healthy people.

Consult Experts

You mustn’t buy any drug without your medical practitioner’s consent. You also have to ensure that the pharmacist is a certified one who can prescribe and sell the perfect supplement for you to use. The reason for this is that you may have a health history that may result in complications if you use certain supplements.

Here are some of the dos and don’ts about the purchase and intake of supplements

  • Seek a medical opinion. Do not purchase or use any drug without the consent of an expert or better still, your doctor who has your medical history.
  • Read the label carefully. Check the name out for the ingredients in case you are allergic to any of them.
  • Take the recommended doses only. Ensure that you use the supplements as prescribed by your doctor or pharmacist.
  • Do not use supplements as replacements for healthy diets.
  • Check expiration dates. Do not buy supplements whose manufacturing date is close to when it will expire.
  • Do not be enticed by catchy phrases like “all-natural herbal supplements.” Reason being that phrases like that may be unreal.
  • Report back to the doctor when you experience side effects rather than treating yourself.