Whether you are an amateur or a professional athlete, high intensity of training should be incorporated in your daily schedule to enhance your performance. Regular sports massages, maintenance, and training are always recommended to athletes, especially when they are in season. It is surprising how some athletes avoid the idea of getting bodywork and massages when it is essential for their performance.

A post-activity sports massage is designed to assist an athlete in performing at their best. It is achieved within 30 minutes to up to 72 hours after the activity or competition. The sport and Circulo massage are not only for the athletes but also for physically disabled as well for mental conditions such as ADHD. Before going for sports massage, ADHD patients should attempt an ADHD online test that will provide the interpretation of their score. Post activity sports massage renders an extensive list of benefits, few of them given below.

Treat Tight Muscles

Muscles usually become tighter after exercise or game due to overtraining. Sometimes microscopic tears in the muscle fibers that occur during activity result in tightness of the muscles. Post activity sports massage helps in preventing tightness occurring in the muscles by enhancing the energy circulation and removing metabolic wastes. The deposition of metabolic wastes such as myoglobin and creatine kinase in the tissues results in fatigue, stiffness, and can even lead to several injuries. Sports massages help in removing the metabolic wastes from the muscles by applying various strokes and pressure.

Increase Tissue Elasticity

There are several massage techniques available out there that can be implemented during a post-activity sports massage which helps in increasing the tissue elasticity. The tightness of muscles decreases the tissue elasticity, which results in a reduced range of movement around a joint and diminished muscle flexibility. A proper post-activity sports massage assist in enhancing tissue elasticity by stretching the tissue and increasing the temperature. Increased elasticity of the tissue prevents body injuries, improves the functioning of the muscles, and reduces the risk of muscle soreness.

Promotes Relaxation

A good range of movement helps in the relaxation of the muscles, whereas reduced mobility results in tightness of the muscles, which leads to injuries to the muscle tissue. As you are aware that post-activity sports massage increases the range of movement that provides an opportunity for the muscle to relax, which ultimately leads to more mobility. Sports massage helps in warming up the muscles, boosting not only physical relaxation but also mental relaxation. Therefore, it is great for an athlete to receive a post-activity sports massage as it helps in calming down the body and promote relaxation.

The stronger flow of blood

Massaging the muscle tissue stimulates the blood vessels to open and dilate that results in a stronger flow of nutrients and blood to the whole body. When there is muscle soreness and tightness, the blood is squeezed out, leaving the muscle tissue deprived of nutrients that helps in repairing the damaged tissues. Thus, an athlete needs to receive the sports massage after the game as the stroking of the muscles allows the damaged areas to receive proper blood supply, healthy oxygen, and appropriate nutrients.

Improves Mood

Post-activity sports massages help athletes not only physically but also psychologically. Massage stimulates the release of endorphins in the brain that functions as a happy hormone and helps in improving mood. Other chemicals such as serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine are also released within the brain that perform almost the same function. Also, massage stimulates increased blood flow to the brain that allows the athlete to feel more relaxed and happier.