The term Health is differently meant for everyone. It actually means that your body is working effectively along with all of its major systems from digestion to breathing and circulation, to mental health and to a properly regulated blood sugar level and much more. The term healthy doesn’t refer to look like a supermodel, but it refers to the maintenance of well-being of your body as a whole. You can take steps toward a healthier you by helping your body achieve more of an ideal state. Circular breathing, a common technique used by players is an example of the step towards an ideal state.

You visit your doctor and complaint about chronic back pain or some disorder like that of ADD. Instead of giving ADD medicine or some other respective medication, he recommends physical therapy or a certain group of exercises. Will it really help you? Yes, as said by sports therapist Jesse Schimmer of Lehigh Valley Health Network, “It’s a high-benefit, low-risk solution to diagnose and treat many different conditions.”

 Therapy through Sports helps many people of different age groups with medical conditions, diseases or injuries that hinder their regular activities to move and work. Shimmer says, “It helps patients return to their prior level of physical functioning.”

Patients of primary care are directly sent to physical or sports therapy after the first symptom of the problem. It is like the fact that if you pet a fish and keep its aquarium safe and clean, it will remain happy and healthy inside it and is likely to die when interacted with some unhealthy environment. similarly, a person who has once been subjected to healthy practices to live by would be likely to become ill when is taken out of that health routine. Health Network Family Medicine Physician Madalyn Schaefgen, MD further explains as “I’ve seen firsthand how physical therapy can help patients get stronger and more flexible. And once patients see the benefits, they become believers.” He also adds “The most conservative option is best.” A few reasons for physical therapy are quite obvious and clear, some may surprise you.

Below are 10 ways sports therapy may favor you:

  1. Reduce or eliminate pain – Schimmer says that “Hands-on therapy or treatments such as ultrasound and electrical stimulation can help relieve pain and restore muscle and joint function to reduce low back pain.” Such kinds of therapies also help in the prevention of returning back of the pain.
  2. Avoid surgery – when physical therapies can help you get rid of the pain and recover from injuries, then what is the need for surgery? If still needed, the pre-surgery physical therapy may benefit you in many ways. Schaefgen explains this in a much better way. He says, “It will allow you to recover from surgery faster because you’re stronger prior to it.”
  3. Improve your mobility – at any stage of your life, if you are facing a problem in standing, walking or even moving, you can avail of physical therapy. It will help you restore your ability to move by stretching and strengthening your muscles. Schimmer says, “If needed, we also help fit people for devices like wheelchairs, walkers and canes.”
  4. Recover from a stroke – you can restore your abilities after a stroke as it often leads to dysfunctional movements. Sports therapy aids in strengthening the weakened body parts and makes the gait and balance better.
  5. Recover from or prevent a sports injury – for sportsmen, physical therapies aid in reducing risks of injuries that can result from different kinds of sports (for example, stress fractures for distance runners). It also designs specific recovery procedures after an injury. Sportsmen, in essence, are very keen on their fitness goals and keep a record of their sports performances wither through gadgets like a best video camera for sports or body cams. They evaluate their performance to get better every time.
  6. Improve your balance and prevent falls – before starting a physical or sports therapy, first of all, you will be screened for fall risk. If you are marked high at this scale, the physiotherapists will recommend such kind of tasks and exercises that will copy real-life situations. They also assist you with activities that improve coordination.
  7. Manage diabetes and vascular conditions – diabetes can be managed by exercise. It helps you control blood sugar effectively. Schimmer says, “We can create an individual plan with the right mix of aerobic and strengthening exercises.”
  8. Manage age-related issues – as human leads to aging, arthritis, and osteoporosis start developing and the need for joint replacement also appears. Schaefgen says, “Physical therapy can effectively keep older patients more mobile and fit them with the appropriate walking device if needed.”
  9. Manage heart and lung disease – cardiac rehabilitation after a heart attack or procedure is usually completed. For this purpose, you may be recommended physical therapies, often when your daily functioning is affected.
  10. Help your child manage a medical condition, injury or movement problem – sports therapy aids children over a range of tasks from enhancing fine motor skills to protecting from neurological issues such as cerebral palsy and from recovering from surgeries.